Version 1.2 – Patchnotes

Actually, after quite some time we are back to business and more than motivated to create a whole new experience of Space Unicorns!


  • Supercorn-Mode is now limited to 10 seconds instead of turns left
  • Supercorn-Mode is only activated if you clear the level with less than half turns available


  • The game finishes now much faster without waiting for unicorns to stop
  • Some star animations were duplicated and off positioned


  • Ads are now shown more frequently

Developer note:  In general I am a big enemy of showing ads in a game, because I think it ruins the game experience. Unfortunately, I need to earn some money to survive and in app purchases aren't purchased.

If you have some feedback to improve the boosters and in app purchases I would love to hear them! Afterwards we can reduce the amount of ads as soon as possible.

I hope you like the update, there will be more changes and updates soon! Make sure to check out our Roadmap