New Version 1.1 - Patchnotes

Hey Unicorn lovers!

I am proud to announce a new version of Space Unicorns. It is already available on Google Play Store and will soon be available at the Apple Store. The update focused heavily on a better introduction. So we have a way easier start now by bigger scaling the unicorns, which will be smaller by the amount of levels played until they reach their original size at level 21. Also the Supercorn mode is deactivated until level 5 to allow a better understanding of the game early. On the first session the play button directly starts the game without showing the map before and last but not least we have a german page presentation in the AppStore now available

  • First 20 levels are much easier and bigger scaled
  • Supercorn mode deactivated until level 5
  • Tutorial-Image slightly adjusted
  • Promotion of ad free booster after first shown ad
  • German AppStore page

Goal of this update is to generate more installs. So if you have any feedback or suggestions please don't hesitate to comment below!

Have fun